ET tube

ET tube
Product Item No.: TTM 014 SC004

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Product Description

Endotracheal tube is made form medical grade PVC, Consists:Tube body, Cuff, Check valve, Pilot balloon, Inflation tube, Connector & Stainless steel wire(Reinforced type).


* Made of medical grade PVC
* High volume low pressure cuff and Low profile cuff (Standard cuff & Tapered cuff available)
* Microcuff, Oral/Nasal
* With stylets available
* High transparency and surface smooth
* Radiopaque line (X-ray visualization)
* Atraumatic rounded tip(Bevelled tip)
* Atraumatic murphy eyes(Softly rounded) or Magill type available
* Accurate positioning depth marks
* Magill Curve, ISO standard 15mm connector
* Latex free, Single use
* Blister packing(banana packing) or peelable pouch as per reques
* Sterilized(EO GAS)


Material: medical grade PVC
Package:Blister packing(banana packing) or peelable pouch as per reques
Size: ID(mm)2.0-10.0



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