carbon fiber  wound dressing

carbon fiber wound dressing
Product Item No.: TTM 009 WD006

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Product Description

Carbon Fiber materials, PVCfilm, pressure sensitive non-woven cloth and release paper

Size Package Carton Size
6*8cm 2000pcs/ctn 43*40*31cm
8*11cm 2000pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm
9*15cm 640pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm
9*20cm 520pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm
9*25cm 400pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm
9*35cm 320pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm
14*16cm(specialize in decubitus) 400pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm
14*16cm(specialize in burning) 400pcs/ctn 43*36*29cm


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