Self  sealing sterilization Pouch

Self sealing sterilization Pouch
Product Item No.: TTM 026 MP001

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Self  sealing sterilization Pouch Self  sealing sterilization Pouch

Product Description


    Sterilization Pouches (Self-Sealing) by Pro Advantage are designed for easy, secure instrument sterilization. Made with wet strength treated medical grade paper, these steripouches feature an extra wide seal, perforated fold, are tear-resistant, and have arrows to indicate when processed.

1.Medical grade paper

2.Blue tinted transparent film

3.Triple sealed edges

4.Resists separation or tearing

    These sterilization pouches (self-sealing) make protecting your instruments from contamination easy. The six corner tack seals and prevents the corners from curling and resists separation, tearing, and dust collection near the edges, while the extra wide chevron seal protects against instrument puncture.

specifications :


 size of ctn(in)



  2.25"x5"   11.0*10.8*12.4  200Pcs/Box,40Box/Ctn     14.50    13.50
2.75"x10"   15.4*11.2*12.4  200Pcs/Box,20Box/Ctn     12.20    11.20
3.5"x6.5"   14.0*11.8*12.4  200Pcs/Box,30Box/Ctn


3.5"x10"   15.4*11.2*12.4  200Pcs/Box,10Box/Ctn     12.20    11.20
5.25"x10"   11.8*11.2*12.4  200Pcs/Box,10Box/Ctn      9.80    8.80
5.25x11" 11.8*12*12.4  200Pcs/Box,10Box/Ctn   10.30   9.30
7.5x14"  41*38*12.4  200Pcs/Box,10Box/Ctn   17.50   16.50



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