Ovulation test (midstream)

Ovulation test (midstream)
Product Item No.: TTM 027 PT004

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Product Description


Once the color cap is taken off from the pen, it could combine with the back ends of the pen. Therefore, the whole length of the pen could be added more to make it easier for operation.

The desiccant is stored inside of the pen for better convenient carriage.

The testing window is internally installed instead of the extraposition, in order to reduce the risk of glass falling off and the cost as well.


1. Easy, rapid, accurate and simple to use.

2. Accuracy >99.9%.

3. Read time within 5 min.

4. With a cutoff value of 25mIU/ml, this test is ideal for the detection of ovulation.

5. The One-Step LH Ovulation Test is fast, highly sensitives and easy to use.

6. Test any time of day.

7. Best quality, Best service, Attractive packing.

8. Qualitative result in 5-10 minutes.

9. Suitable for both professional and home use.

10. 25mIU/ml Sensitivity.


Width: 5.5mm, 6.0mm


50T/bag,2000T/Carton, 70*47*40CM, G.W./N.W.:24/23kgs

GW/NW: 16/15kgs




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